Elections in Belarus 2015


2015.10.07 09:38 video

Propaganda truck runs around Minsk urging people to vote early

2015.10.06 17:24 video

1st day of voting: journalists prevented from talking to people, students forced to vote

2015.10.06 15:15

Lukashenka’s bagman gets off EU blacklist: New wave of thaw in relations with Belarus?

2015.10.06 12:14 video

Ukraine starts pulling back armored vehicles from frontline, separatists playing waiting game

2015.10.06 09:50 video

Turkey says Russian warplane violated its airspace twice, envoy summoned again

2015.10.06 09:31 video

Early voting kicks off in Belarus: Human rights activists warn against fraud

2015.10.05 21:37

Saudi opposition clerics guardedly call for jihad against Iran and Russia in Syria

2015.10.05 20:51

Pro-government trade union urges to vote for Lukashenka

2015.10.05 17:42 video

Belarusian election official: EU should lift sanctions imposed on us

2015.10.05 16:06 video

Spleen in Belarusian style: No choice over 20 years

2015.10.05 11:30 video

Russian TV news presenter: Weather allows dropping bombs on Syria

2015.10.05 09:53 video

Poles seeking cancellation of pro-Putin Alexandrov Ensemble’s concerts

2015.10.04 19:59 photo

‘Lukashenka Is War’. Protests against Russian military base in Belarus

2015.10.03 18:11 video

Presidential candidate’s agent on TV: Lukashenka talked a lot, but little is done

2015.10.02 16:53

Central Election Commission dismisses Karatkevich’s appeal against Lukashenka