Elections in Belarus 2015

Pro-government trade union urges to vote for Lukashenka


Chairman of the ‘Commonwealth’ trade union is campaigning for the head of Belarus and is looking forward to ‘constructivism’ of the officials, belapan.by reports.

‘Election programs of all the presidential candidates reflect the business development issues, which should be a priority for the economic development of the country. There are no more resources left, in my opinion. The combination of public and private enterprises with a decrease in the state share should be the basis for the development of the country,’ said chairman of the union, Alyaksandr Harunovich, during the press conference on October 5 in Minsk.

The trade union leader recalled that the Belarus Federation of Trade Unions, which has ‘Commonwealth’ as its member, supports the candidacy of Lukashenka in the elections that will be held soon in the country.

‘We have called upon the members of our union, the entire business community to support the program of the president, to support him in the elections. We would like to draw attention to the fact that the economic component of its program is as strong as ever. Now more than ever it pays attention to small and medium businesses, the very people who are members of our union, and there are 22 thousands of them,’ said Harunovich.

Chairman of the ‘Commonwealth’ noted that all the programs of the presidential candidates are aimed at business development, but ‘today all other programs, except for Lukashenka’s, have no mechanisms for the implementation of these proposals.’

‘We support the position of the business community on the resolution #666 of the Council of Ministers on obligatory sanitary certification of imported products and on the Decree #222, and other points. Our members in these cases are dissatisfied with the position of the state, but we hope that the constructivism, the interaction of the state, the business community and trade unions will help find the solution. We therefore support Alyaksandr Lukashenka,’ said Harunovich.

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