Elections in Belarus 2015

2015.10.12 12:53

Lukashenka wins! But some products rise in price by 45% since year start

2015.10.12 09:06

83.49%: Lukashenka to make inaugural speech for fifth time

2015.10.12 05:47

How elections are rigged in Belarus. Evidence from observer

2015.10.11 22:20 Video

Lukashenka winning in West – Polish journalist

2015.10.09 16:20 Video

Lukashenka urges dissident Nobel laureate to use image, legacy for ‘benefit of Belarus’

2015.10.09 12:10

What election will bring: Maybe a new airbase, definitely the same president in Belarus

2015.10.06 15:15

Lukashenka’s bagman gets off EU blacklist: New wave of thaw in relations with Belarus?

2015.10.06 09:31 Video

Early voting kicks off in Belarus: Human rights activists warn against fraud

2015.10.05 20:51

Pro-government trade union urges to vote for Lukashenka

2015.10.05 16:06 Video

Spleen in Belarusian style: No choice over 20 years

2015.10.02 16:53

Central Election Commission dismisses Karatkevich’s appeal against Lukashenka

2015.09.30 09:13

Former presidential candidates’ stories: ‘Like many Belarusians, I am trying to survive’

2015.09.28 14:07

New IMF program for Belarus: Lukashenka meets with Lagarde

2015.09.24 16:01

Chief elections official issues ‘stark personal warning’ to Lukashenka’s representative

2015.09.24 13:17

Belarusian govt hopes for lifting EU sanctions against Minsk – Foreign Ministry