Elections in Belarus 2015

2015.10.13 12:54

USA: Belarus vote falls short of international commitments for free and fair elections

2015.10.12 12:53

Lukashenka wins! But some products rise in price by 45% since year start

2015.10.12 09:06

83.49%: Lukashenka to make inaugural speech for fifth time

2015.10.12 05:47

How elections are rigged in Belarus. Evidence from observer

2015.10.11 22:56

Police find whipping boy: 17-year-old Yahor Skrabneuski detained

2015.10.11 15:16 Photo

Election day: Downtown Minsk almost deserted (photo)

2015.10.11 13:37 Video

Hoping for 35%: Karatkevich not about to organise post-election protest action

2015.10.10 15:57

36% of Belarusians vote early. Independent observers report falsification of figures

2015.10.09 12:10

What election will bring: Maybe a new airbase, definitely the same president in Belarus

2015.10.09 11:03 Breaking news!

Regime cannot block satellite TV. Stay tuned and watch Election Night on Belsat!

2015.10.09 08:49 Video

Nearly 19 % of Belarusians cast ballots in early voting over 3 days – CEC

2015.10.06 09:31 Video

Early voting kicks off in Belarus: Human rights activists warn against fraud

2015.10.05 20:51

Pro-government trade union urges to vote for Lukashenka

2015.10.05 17:42 Video

Belarusian election official: EU should lift sanctions imposed on us

2015.10.03 18:11 Video

Presidential candidate’s agent on TV: Lukashenka talked a lot, but little is done