Elections in Belarus 2015

Belarusian election official: EU should lift sanctions imposed on us


Mikalai Lazavik speaks about the difficulties with the visa sanctions and future professional plans of the CEC administration.

“Immediately after they introduced visa sanctions, I said that those were absolutely non-constructive measures and even called them absurd. By limiting our entry to countries, where they want to show us some best practices, we are in fact excluded from the experience,” said the CEC secretary Mikalai Lazavik in an interview with Belsat.

“We are members of the Association of European Election Officials that holds annual conferences where we cannot possibly go. This is to some extent simply a shame!” says Mikalai Lazavik.

He also commented on the further work of the current CEC Chair after the end of her work agreement:

“If Lidziya Mikhailauna is offered to work further, I think, she will not refuse. In 2016 the Central Election Commission will leave the office. If me and Lidziya Yarmoshyna are not offered work in the new team, we will understand it.”