Elections in Belarus 2015

Hoping for 35%: Karatkevich not about to organise post-election protest action


Presidential candidate Tatsiana Karatkevich, her mother and husband have cast their votes at polling station Nr 8 in Minsk.

“Now everything depends on how fairly votes will have been counted today, but I’m sure we have a lot of work ahead of us, we have the power to act and remain in politics. Lots of people will vote for peaceful change, but it is unknown whether their votes will be taken into account,” Tatsiana says.

She hopes that about 35% of Belarusian citizens will support her.

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The candidate also said that she was not going to take people to any protest action:

“The reaction of the authorities may be aggressive, and I’m not sure I can guarantee the safety of people. And another reason is that I do not want those who voted for peaceful change to come under the provocation of other political movements.”

Asked about the peak early voting turnout, Tatsiana says that ‘the system has done everything to correct [rig] the results’.

Nastassia Hralovich, belsat.eu