Elections in Belarus 2015

Lukashenka richest presidential candidate



Of the four presidential candidates, Aliaksandr Lukashenka predictably earns the most, while Tatsiana Karatkevich has the lowest income of the four.

The CEC has made public income declarations of the presidential candidates. For 2014, the current head of state declared an income of 551 million rubles. Lukashenka did not declare any revenue outside the official salary.

Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Siarhei Haydukevich declared earnings of 263,158,324 rubles a year. Ataman Mikalai Ulakhovich’s revenues last year amounted to 243 million 502 thousand 475 rubles – a salary and pension. And Tatsiana Karatkevich in 2014 earned 60 million rubles.