Elections in Belarus 2015


2015.09.23 20:11

Lukashenka neglects voters’ meeting organized by opposition

2015.09.23 09:50

‘We distance ourselves from opposition’s unpopular ideas’ – Karatkevich’s campaign chief

2015.09.22 13:09

Statkevich: After 5 years in jail i am fit as fiddle as my conscience is clear

2015.09.17 16:05

Saying no to polls

2015.09.16 10:00

Syarhei Haydukevich: I will never gather you for a rally

2015.09.14 20:33

Month left: how many Lukashenkas going to polls?

2015.09.14 19:07

Lukashenka richest presidential candidate

2015.09.11 10:52

Will fellow villagers vote for Lukashenka? (street interview)

2015.09.07 17:02

Выбары-2015: Якім чынам сёлетнія выбары зменяць нашае жыццё? (перадвыбарчыя дэбаты на «Белсаце»)

2015.09.07 17:01

Negotiations, not Ploshcha and protests

2015.09.07 10:26

I set to ‘wind back’ election-2015. Belsat TV interviews Mikalai Statkevich

2015.09.07 10:17

‘If you don’t vote for Lukashenka, it will be bad for you!’

2015.09.04 14:57

What do people say about election?

2015.09.04 14:37

Kolya Lukashenka as crown prince

2015.08.26 18:16

‘If you don’t vote for Lukashenka, it will be bad for you’ – employer to sight-disabled person