Elections in Belarus 2015

Regime cannot block satellite TV. Stay tuned and watch Election Night on Belsat!


The presidential campaign in Belarus is nearly over. Some are looking forward for the results of the vote on October 11, others are convinced that there will be no change in the country. But in any case, the voters, the opposition, the authorities, journalists are getting ready, because the presidential election, whatever it may be, is one of the most important events that occur once every five years.

Belsat TV, the first independent TV channel in Belarus which is available through satellite Astra4, is to televise a special election night program immediately after the voting. If the Belarusian authorities independent e-media are blocked – as it happened in 2010 – such TV program might become the source of reliable information.

“We offer our viewers an in-depth post-election program which is, perhaps, more interesting than the elections held the authorities of Belarus. Unfortunately, no independent sociological center has received permission to carry out exit polling, but we offer the hottest comments of the country’s politicians and experts,” Aleksy Dzikavicki, Belsat TV Information Programming Director, says.

“In the current era of smart phones and mobile technology everyone can become a journalist and report on important events which he had witnessed. We encourage our viewers to watch the process of voting, film violations and falsifications by their phones and send to photos or videos to info@belsat.eu. They will go on TV screen and Belarus and the world will be able to know the truth about the presidential elections- 2015,” Dzikavitski asks.

Election Night is to begin at 21.00. It will also be available online on our website vybary.belsat.eu. The audience will be informed of the course of voting in different regions of Belarus and results of pro-regime exit polls. Belsat TV will also present post-election opinions of candidates, observers, politicians and experts, air street interviews in Minsk and other cities.

“Regardless of our personal attitude, we do believe that it is the main event in the Belarusian social and political life, at least in 2015. This is an important time for news channels as well. That is why we are doing our best to be ready to work in the studio as long as the development of events would require,” Dzikavitski promises.

“In case of blocking the most popular Belarusian news websites Belsat, radio stations broadcasting from abroad and social networks may become an important alternative source of information, as it happened during the presidential elections in 2010. One cannot turn off satellites!” he added.

Belsat TV journalists Valer Ruselik and Volha Saule are to host the program Election Night.