Elections in Belarus 2015

2015.10.11 22:56

Police find whipping boy: 17-year-old Yahor Skrabneuski detained

2015.10.11 15:16 Photo

Election day: Downtown Minsk almost deserted (photo)

2015.10.10 15:57

36% of Belarusians vote early. Independent observers report falsification of figures

2015.10.09 11:03 Breaking news!

Regime cannot block satellite TV. Stay tuned and watch Election Night on Belsat!

2015.09.24 12:33

Blind man beaten by Minsk police placed under arrest in hospital

2015.09.24 11:09

Lukashenka neglects voters’ meeting organized by opposition

2015.09.22 15:07

Statkevich: After 5 years in jail i am fit as fiddle as my conscience is clear

2015.09.08 12:00

Statkevich to organize picket in front of GUM on September 10

2015.09.07 10:17 Updated

‘If you don’t vote for Lukashenka, it will be bad for you!’