Elections in Belarus 2015

Blind man beaten by Minsk police placed under arrest in hospital


Zmitser Artsyomau, a person with sight disability, who was brutally detained by the police in Minsk, is in hospital now.

The incident took place on September 18 at Uruchcha metro station. Several policemen tried to detain Mr Artsyomau grabbing him by the leg and pulling him down the stairs. Passers-by rushed to the blind man’s aid.

Leaking to the Internet, the story caused a massive public outcry. In social networks Belarusians even demanded the resignation of the Interior Minister.

Belsat TV has been reliably informed that a criminal case was opened against Zmitser Artsyomau for resistance to authority.

Now he is in hospital in Ophthalmology Unit. Police officers are guarding the door of his ward; it means that Mr Artsyomau is still under arrest and he is barred from contacts.