Elections in Belarus 2015

Statkevich: After 5 years in jail i am fit as fiddle as my conscience is clear

Statkevich: After 5 years in jail i am fit as fiddle as my conscience is clear

The politician was summoned to the court via SMS. As the autorities failed to send an official summons, he decided not to go.

“We were coming home after our honeymoon and I got an SMS saying that I should appear at the court at 10:00, on September, 22 in order to review the protocol that was drawn up during a rally on September, 10. I was very surprised. I thought that hackers may have got into my phone and sent stupid SMS. An hour later, a young man called and voiced the same information. I even asked him whether he was not a pranker. I asked to send a summons; he insisted a bit saying that it had been already sent. He said that he would call back, but did not call. I think that this question is settled,” Mikalai Statkevich told belsat.eu.

The politician is sure that such warrant is nothing but an attempt to intimidate him.

“This is an attempt to scare not only me but people who will come to a pre-election meeting that I am organising in Freedom Square on September, 23 at 18:00. Such things often happen in Belarus: one was fined and several millions got scared. I want to say to all the people, please, do not be afraid. I am not afraid and you should not be afraid. Come and let’s talk about everything that this man [Lukashenka] has done to the country for the past 21 years.”

“I think the first rally reduced the degree of fear. There will be another rally, the authorities know it, they are afraid that a few thousand people could turn up at the forthcoming meeting, and another may attract tens of thousands. That is wy the authorities react in such a manner. I do not exclude that they may areest me, take to court. Well, let them grab me. Let the whole world see how free the elections are in Belarus. But I do not think that it will happen. I’m not afraid. I spent five years in jail, and I am fit as a fiddle, because I have no fear and my conscience is clear, I have dignity and respect myself.”

The next meeting is to be held in Freedom Square in Minsk on September, 23 at 18:00. Ex-political prisoner has prepared five pointed questions to incumbent president Alyaksandr Lukashenka, who is highly unlikely to appear at the meeting.