Elections in Belarus 2015

Statkevich to organize picket in front of GUM on September 10

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“On September 10, said Mikalai Statkevich in an interview with svaboda.org, at 18:00, I will hold a picket near GUM on the occasion of the beginning of the campaign.”

“The picket will demand normal free elections. I invite you to take part in the picket all those who support position similar to mine. Bring your views about these alleged candidates with posters or without them. If Lukashenka really wants this legitimacy, let them not prevent us from implementing our constitutional right to free and peaceful assembly. If they take us down in a ny way – they will bid farewell to his legitimacy. I invite to the event representatives of the long-term OSCE observation mission. Let’s see what happens next.”

On August 28, at the joint press conference of the opposition, Mikalai Statkevich said that “the elections are rigged.”

“At the press conference we announced our main goal, for which we will fight in a wider time frame than the presidential campaign. This universal democratic elections with the participation of the normal candidate. Now we are offered the pseudo election, which allegedly involved a man I consider a criminal, and his fictitious competitors. There is noone to choose from. We have lost the election, it is gone.”

Statkevich said that together with his colleagues he was going to use the opportunities offered by the campaign “to achieve free and democratic elections with the use of mechanisms of the electoral campaign and the opportunities offered by the Election Code.”

“The main objective is to work with the community so that it knew that the elections are invalid. In fact we want delegitimization of the elections in the eyes of society, so that people know that the president is not real and there should be normal elections, says Mikalay Statkevich. Next – a delegitimization in the eyes of the international community. We want them to help us in our continuing struggle for free elections, so that the allegedly legitimate president does not lose our independence to Russia.”

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