Elections in Belarus 2015

Presidential candidate’s agent on TV: Lukashenka talked a lot, but little is done



During the debate on state television Aleh Haydukevich, the son of the presidential candidate Syarhei Haydukevich and his agent  lashed out at the opposition, but at the end of his monologue the former police officer exclaimed ‘Long live Belarus!’

Haydukevich urged voters not to listen to the “tales of politicians like Tatsiana Karatkevich who say that everything is so simple: you come to power and a year later you raise salaries and pensions, social benefits – and everything will be all right.” “No, today’s economic situation is due to several factors, said Haydukevich. First of all, the economic crisis, which covered the entire region – both the Russian Federation and the European Union. And the war in Ukraine. What economic growth can we talk about, when the neighboring brotherly country is at war? But today we ask ourselves, whether all in our country is done to ensure that even in these circumstances our citizens’ lives are made better?”

According to Haydukevich, to exit from the crisis the state needs, first of all, a comprehensive support of small and medium-sized businesses. “Business is the engine of the economy. We are already offering to give all the empty, abandoned administrative offices to the businesses without rent payment for three years. Let them develop. We want to immediately simplify tax laws, to simplify checks. We’ve been talking about it, the President has talked about this a lot, but very little is done. It is necessary that the businesses developed quietly,” said Haydukevich.

He also stated the need for privatization. “It’s overdue, said Haydukevich. No-one is taking our businesses away from the territory of our country. We are looking for investors. In order for investors to come, we should provide them with a more comfortable work environment. This all can be done.”

Haydukevich also noted: “The most important thing for this economic program to be implemented is peace, order and tranquility in the country. Without it, we will not carry out economic reforms.”

ML, according to BelaPAN