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Russian TV news presenter: Weather allows dropping bombs on Syria


The weather conditions are favourable for launching airstrikes in Syria in October, a news presenter of Russian TV channel Rossiya-24 said.

According to the journalist, ‘no rain or strong winds’ are expected this month.

“In such weather conditions, aircraft can dive under the clouds and launch effective ground attacks. Only in case of active counteraction of [the enemy’s] Air Defense they will have to outsoar. It seems that solely sandstorms may make the performance of the Russian Air Force combat mission more difficult.”

Russia started a military operation in Syria on September, 30. The Russian Air Force carried out 20 sorties. The first strikes occurred in the province of Homs: at least 36 civilians were killed during the attack.


According to local mass media, there were no ISIS militants in Homs and Hama. The attack might have been directed at other opposition groups fighting against the government of the Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad whom Russian president Vladimir Putin vowed to support.