Elections in Belarus 2015

Propaganda truck runs around Minsk urging people to vote early


Video of an unmarked truck with sound-amplifying equipment running around Minsk was posted in Facebook by one of the users. The MAZ truck looks very much like a paddy wagon.

По городу колесит агитавтомобиль, утыканный громкоговорителями, и зазывает на досрочное голосование. Ох, не всех дурных война побила

Posted by Левковский Роман on 6 октября 2015 г.

According to human rights defenders from Viasna, this trip can be legitimate only if it is a mobilization campaign.

“Any organization and political party may call upon the citizens to participate in voting, not saying for whom they should vote. This is called mobilization now. Non-governmental organizations are actively doing it. And if someone holds a mobilization campaign, that’s fine. Another thing, if this truck belongs to a candidate, then you need to find out who owns this vehicle,” says human rights activist Valyantsin Stefanovich.

According to observers of the campaign “Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections” on the first day of early voting to the polls came 10,344 people, and the CEC protocols state there were 605 persons fewer.

Also recorded were the first violations: people were forced to vote early. The first to go to the polling stations are pensioners and students. And while the pensioners are voting early on their own initiative, the university students are directed there by the administration of educational establishments.

Percentage of polling stations with forced early voting is 10.6%.

ДР, belsat.eu