Elections in Belarus 2015


2015.08.12 22:18

‘They ordered us to bring your passport to sign for Lukashenka. Those who do not sign – will be dismissed ‘

2015.08.07 20:53 photo

Electoral law violation: Signatures for Lukashenka collected in Hrodna clinics

2015.08.06 21:14 photo

Election campaign in full swing: ‘Which job should be given to Lukashenka?’

2015.08.06 17:07

TV debate of presidential candidates to be held on October 3

2015.08.04 22:56

State institute computers campaign for Lukashenka

2015.07.17 19:09 video

Lukashenka in 2010: “By 2015 we must bring wages up to $1,000”

2015.07.01 18:38

Sharamet: change may come to Belarus at any time, and not from the side we expect

2015.06.29 17:40 photo

Serving two masters: ‘Communists’ feelings should be respected’ – potential candidate for president

2015.06.13 18:20

Christian Democrats refuse to support any candidate for election

2015.06.10 18:33

Russia to support Lukashenka’s reelection – envoy

2015.05.29 16:44

Alies Miekh to run for Belarus president

2015.05.20 16:12 video

‘Parasite’ candidate, female candidate: who is who at polls?

2015.05.14 15:44

Lidziya Yarmoshyna: Elections just like life, we know how it ends

2015.04.14 17:50

Belarus army, security forces more loyal to Putin than to Lukashenka – ex-presidential candidate