Elections in Belarus 2015


2015.10.09 11:03 urgent

Regime cannot block satellite TV. Stay tuned and watch Election Night on Belsat!

2015.10.09 10:53

Minsk: Organisers of protest rally against Russian airbase in Belarus stand trial

2015.10.09 09:58

Lukashenka congratulates dissident writer for Nobel Prize

2015.10.09 08:49 video

Nearly 19 % of Belarusians cast ballots in early voting over 3 days – CEC

2015.10.08 19:27

Nobel laureate Alexievich wants to ‘buy freedom’ for prize money

2015.10.08 14:33

Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich: I wonder how Lukashenka will get out of situation

2015.10.08 13:29

Minsk Mayor: If you don’t like Lukashenka’s son, move to another country

2015.10.08 11:38 video

Belarusian writer Svetlana Alexievich takes 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature

2015.10.08 09:41 video

Turkey warns Russia on gas purchases, nuclear project

2015.10.08 09:02

UK troops bolster Baltic buffer to Russia – FT

2015.10.07 15:04 video

‘No civilians harmed’: Missiles fired by Russian warships cover 1,500 km to hit targets in Syria

2015.10.07 14:16 photo

Presidential wannabe Ulakhovich: Putin deserves credit for Crimea

2015.10.07 13:26 video

Lithuanians about deploying Russia’s airbase in Belarus: It’s occupation

2015.10.07 11:00

Putin turns 63: Rain of congrats from friends and enemies

2015.10.07 09:43

Kremlin ‘not ready’ to comment on Lukashenka’s refusal to deploy Russian airbase