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Lithuanians about deploying Russia’s airbase in Belarus: It’s occupation


Belsat TV asked the people of Lithuania about their attitude to the deployment of Russian air bases in the territory of Belarus.

“I believe that neither Belarus nor Russia is an aggressive state. This is a necessary measure in response to NATO actions,” one of the interviewees said.

“I do not think military presence is needed in other countries, but it is hard to estimate because I live in Lithuania,”another passer-by said.

“I consider this as the occupation. And occupation is not good in any place. Russians can seize Belarus,” a woman said.

‘If it is located near the border with Lithuania, it will be bad. I am against these bases but i cannot intervene in the affairs of Belarus and Russia.’

‘It will pose a threat to Lithuania, but I hope nothing untoward will happen. One should give a stricter response to Russia’s actions. We are playing democratic games while Russia is engaged in the war.’

‘Taking into account the current geopolitical situation, an arms race is not the best way out. I do not think our relations will deteriorate much, but tension will definitely ratchet up.’