Elections in Belarus 2015

Minsk: Organisers of protest rally against Russian airbase in Belarus stand trial

Anatol Lyabedzka in court, phot. RFE/RL

The organizers of the protest action against deploying a Russian airbase in Belarus have come to trial today. Police officers were giving witness testimony at the hearing.

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The action was held on October, 4. One of the organizers, opposition politician Anatol Lyabedzka, was Br 6 mln fined, RFE/RL reports. He will have to raise funds to pay off the fine, Lyabedzka said.

“Let international observers see what is really going at the elections. A beautiful picture is usually shown to them; now they stand a chance to see what the Belarusian reality is like,” the leadr of the United Civic Party of Belarus stressed.

Vyachaslau Siuchyk, whom the court of also considered as an organizer of rally, failed to appear at the hearing. A fine (Br 10.8 mln) was imposed on him.

Penalties were also inflicted on activist Ales Mekh and artist Ales Marachkin.