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UK troops bolster Baltic buffer to Russia – FT


The United Kingdom, together with Germany and the United States, has decided to place its troops in the Baltic states on a long-term basis, Financial Times reports.

According to the influential newspaper, the plans to deploy troops are to be announced on Thursday at the meeting of defense ministers of NATO member countries with head of the British Defense Ministry Michael Fellon. In order to avoid accusations by Russia of violation of the agreements of the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe, the deployment of troops in the Baltics states and Poland will be rotational.

For a start, they are going to send about 100 troops who will regularly participate in exercises with Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian military.

In addition, Fellon is expected to announce the expansion of the training program for Ukrainian military personnel, FT says. Currently, there are 75 British military instructors n Western Ukraine.

In the near future, Latvia will deploy the U.S. heavy weaponry in its territory. At least part of A-10 attack aircraft which the United States promised to send to Europe will be placed at Amari air base in Estonia.

Except for the Baltic states, Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Estonia and Hungary are on the list of the countries that can place U.S. military equipment in their territory. Washington intends to deploy about 1,200 armored vehicles, 250 tanks, M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and artillery systems in those countries.