Elections in Belarus 2015

Minsk Mayor: If you don’t like Lukashenka’s son, move to another country

Zrzut ekranu 2015-10-8 o 13.28.06

Andrey Shorats, the mayor of the Belarusian capital and Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s election agent, has met with voters.

During the meeting at school Nr 120 a woman asked the official whether he was not ashamed for his native country after its head had dragged his youngest son to the session of the UN General Assembly in late September.

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“Perhaps, it is the right of all parents,” Shorats answered. When the woman tried to explain her viewpoint, the mayor cut her short: “If the main problem of Zavadzki district of Minsk is Alyaksandr Ryhoravich’s son, it means that you are getting on well there.”

The mayor urged all who fell ashamed for the country and its leaders to consider the feelings Lukashenka’s supporters.

“If you are in the minority and you do not like the country, you can always shift your place of residence and move to the place you will not be ashamed for,” he added.