Elections in Belarus 2015


2015.10.02 15:52

Belarus heavily in debt to Russia: Finance Ministry denies payment rescheduling

2015.10.02 13:18 video

Concert ‘Solidarity with Belarus’ in Warsaw tonight

2015.10.02 09:25

Scuffle between Austrian fans and Belarusian riot police (photo)

2015.10.02 05:15

Belarus winning at devaluation. What happens to ruble next?

2015.10.01 22:37

Pre-election debates on Belsat TV: Karatkevich asked about allies, enemies, sexual minorities

2015.10.01 09:04

Mosque, funeral, Prime Minister’s wife: where and with whom Kolya Lukashenka plays truant

2015.09.30 09:13

Former presidential candidates’ stories: ‘Like many Belarusians, I am trying to survive’

2015.09.28 14:07

New IMF program for Belarus: Lukashenka meets with Lagarde

2015.09.25 12:51

2016-2020 Belarus economy reformation program to be released after elections

2015.09.25 09:08

Ulakhovich does not like being called ‘pocket politician’

2015.09.24 16:01

Chief elections official issues ‘stark personal warning’ to Lukashenka’s representative

2015.09.24 13:17

Belarusian govt hopes for lifting EU sanctions against Minsk – Foreign Ministry

2015.09.24 12:33

Blind man beaten by Minsk police placed under arrest in hospital

2015.09.24 11:09

Lukashenka neglects voters’ meeting organized by opposition

2015.09.23 09:02 photo

Luring game: How Lukashenka’s election slogans changed