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Poles seeking cancellation of pro-Putin Alexandrov Ensemble’s concerts


The musicians are to start touring in Poland on November, 19. They are going to visit 13 Polish cities.

Alexandrov Ensemble is an official army choir of the Russian armed forces. Founded during the Soviet era, the ensemble consists of a male choir, an orchestra, and a dance ensemble.

“If their concerts are not cancelled, we will come and start whistling and banging pots and pans,” they said on Facebook.

It was the song ‘Polite People’ dedicated to the role of Russian military in the annexation of Crimea that drew the indignation of Poles. It is also known that the ensemble gave a concert under the portrait of Josef Stalin in Moscow.

Polish MP Malgorzata Gosiewska backed the initiative.

“I really put high value on democracy, peace and the right of peoples to independently choose the path of development. I cannot agree to the performance of the choir that celebrates the aggressor country and its army,” she said.

In just a few days more than a thousand people have joined the online protest.