Elections in Belarus 2015

Lukashenka worked in Communist party committee and in prison camp – fellow villager (ENG video)


What do fellow countrymen think about incumbent president Alyaksandr Lukashenka? Will they cast their votes for him in the forthcoming elections?

Some of the residents of the village of Aleksandryia in Shklou region told Belsat TV that they were Lukashenka’s friends and used to work with him. (Watch the video above, English subtitles).


‘I have always voted for him. He is good.’

‘He was a friend of mine. He worked in a district committee of the Communist party and in a prison camp.’

‘I support his policy.’

‘4 years ago we came here from Ukraine. There was a sort of paradise for us. And comparing the present-day life with the past I believe Lukashenka to be a great man. But Belarusians not always agree with me.’

‘There will not any better president.’

‘He is a good manager.’

‘He is the only president, and all of us will vote for him, I hope.’

‘We don’t need any better president.’

‘We hope he will continue to rule the country.’

‘He has not done any harm. Let him work further.’

‘He was born here, there is a kolkhoz named after him, and this kolkhoz is being developed.’

‘We are glad, there is nothing to complain of.’

‘I have been living here for 20 years. Some time ago there was not a single car here, but now there are lots of cars. One should be careful otherwise a car can hit them.’

‘We used to work together in the kolkhoz.’

‘I am OK with him.’

‘I am well disposed towards him, approve of him.’

‘I will vote for him. Who else but him?!’