Elections in Belarus 2015

Luring game: How Lukashenka’s election slogans changed



Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s election poster, September 2015. Photo nn.by

Now the first and still the only president is campaigning for “the future of an independent Belarus”. What did he promise us in the previous elections?

In 1994, his election posters featured the ruddy face of the chairman of kolkhoz ‘Garadzets’. Lukashenka’s slogan was simple: “Being wih the people!”. But the program was called differently: “Taking the people away from the edge”.

In the 2001 elections, Lukashenka opted for the slogan “Together for a strong and prosperous Belarus”. This was also the title of his electoral program.


In 2006, the tireless president armed with the slogan “The state for the people”, which was duplicated in the title of the election program.

The slogan slipped into the 2010 election: then Lukashenka’s program was untitled, but at the beginning the candidate explained to the nation: “‘The state for the people’ is not a thought-up slogan, but a fundamental principle from which we will never depart!”