Elections in Belarus 2015

Ulakhovich does not like being called ‘pocket politician’


The presidential candidate is even going to prove that this is not true.

“By 11 October, I can prove that I became a presidential candidate of the Republic of Belarus on my own, with the help of my friends, I mean the party, the Cossacks, with the help of the people I used to work with many years at the enterprises,” said Ulakhovich in his first radio address to the voters on September 25, naviny.by reports.

“What I personally count on? On your attention and your, as they say, voice and the ballot paper that you will use to support Mikalai Ulakhovich.

I hope that you will understand that here on the radio or anywhere else where I’ll speak you will see a man with rich life and production and economic activity experience,” said the candidate.

“I’ve always been, so to say, a man with ambitions. This is evident, because I am a presidential candidate, isn’t it? How can one now call me a pocket politician after all of my statements and proposals? How can people call me that? It is impossible. Because I am already an independent, grown man with my own vision in this life.”

According to the candidate, he regrets that he “did not enter into the political struggle.” “I was, as they say, in a state of production and economic activity and never thought about the need to participate in this business … .Now I realize that it was my fault as a person, as a citizen of our country who did not fully fulfill his constitutional duty,” said the politician, who left the state of “industrial and economic activity.”