Elections in Belarus 2015

Pre-election debates on Belsat TV: Karatkevich asked about allies, enemies, sexual minorities

Pre-election debates on Belsat TV: Karatkevich asked about allies, enemies, sexual minorities

Belsat TV presents a series of pre-election debates-2015 in Belarus.

The independent TV channel repeatedly invited all the presidential candidates to the studio, but only one of them, Tatsiana Karatkevich, has accepted our invitation.

Representatives of various political parties, social organizations, movements and associations put questions to Tatsiana Karatkevich.

Pavel Staneuski (Fair World Party) asked which of the political parties or movements she considered to be her allies and her opponents.

“I do not think that there are any enemies within opposition. I am a member of the Social Democratic Party. There is a decision of the Presidium of the party to support the strategy of “People’s Referendum” which includes nominating Tatsiana Karatkevich. Members of my organization for which I am working, ‘Tell the truth’, are my allies. My ally is also ‘Movement for Freedom’ that is contributing to activities associated with the idea of ​​the “People’s referendum” as a civil project. I know that there are Hrodna-based activists of other parties who helped to collect signatures to nominate me as a presidential candidate, who are participating in the campaign.”

Ms Karatkevich stresses that her supporters are also representatives of civil society.

“Opponents? I have no opponents now. I have my main task, I am not looking for enemies.”

According to Tatsiana Karatkevich, she wants her ‘peaceful change’ program to gain maximal suppport among the people. In 2016 the program is to be represented by a number of parliamentary candidates.

Former political prisoner Yauhen Vaskovich who is now a reporter of the newspaper ‘Babruysk Courier”, asked the candidate about her attitude to sexual minorities. Eugene wonders if Karatkevich is ready to give a full range of democratic rights and freedoms to members of the LGBT community.

“I think that it is not the most important issue to the country and the majority of people”, said the candidate. In her opinion, not only President should resolve the problem.

“I hope we elect a new president, a new parliament – a representative pertiament that will be able to discuss these issues and problems. But I think that nowadays our society is not ready [to give freedoms to gays],” said Tatsiana Karatkevich.

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