Elections in Belarus 2015

Regime turned Belarusians into pauper millionaires – Karatkevich

Regime turned Belarusians into pauper millionaires - Karatkevich

Presidential candidate Tatsiana Karatkevich has delivered her election address on state-owned TV channel ‘Belarus 1’.

During his speech, the candidate promised ‘not to split people up into the Right and the Left, into Russian- and Belarusian-speaking, into pro-government and opposition groups’. According to her, Belarusians need ‘harmony in society’ now.

“First there was stability, the stagnation came. It is not necessary to be a professor of economics to realize that our country is in crisis. Wages are falling, there are fewer jobs, a number of opportunities is reducing, the government does not respect us. Modernization has met with failure, the authorities are standing idle, they make us pay for their mistakes,” Karatkevich said.

Belarusians keep saying with a sad irony that ‘the authorities have turned us into pauper millionaires’, she added.

“Why are our goods more expensive that similar foreign products? That is because the government needs money for pointless, foul state programs: supporting ‘dead’ enterprises, maintaining the state machinery and bloated police,” Tatsiana Karatkevich stressed.