Elections in Belarus 2015

State activists distribute apples and ribbons with ornament, inviting to polls

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Distribution of apples and ribbons with Belarusian national ornaments took place in as many as five places in Hrodna. It was done by activists of the BRYU (Belarusian Republican Youth Union).

Passers-by near the Uskhod cinema in Hrodna, were offered by young people a rather unusual invitation to the polls.

Instead of leaflets or flyers, BRYU activists handed out … apples, tied with white and red ribbons with national ornament.

“Apple is a symbol of prosperity and fertility, shared his thoughts participants. – And since the idea is ​​unusual, people perceived it positively. “

He was standing near a poster with the national emblem and the date of the election, and the music was playing. Passers-by greeted the initiative with polite smiles and did not refuse apples.

In total, the event lasted for about 25 minutes until the “embroidered” ended.

These pickets can be seen today also near the youth center “Horadnya” and other crowded places in the city.