Elections in Belarus 2015

The electoral circus: parasite withdraws, three candidates join race


Election headquarters of the parasite candidate Yury Shulhan never found home for their leader.

“Yury Shulhan is withdrawing from the presidential race due to lack of a official residence registration stamp in the passport. The problem was discovered at the time of obtaining a passport, but the ways to resolve it as soon as possible returned no results. In other words, Mr Shulhan has been officially recognized as a “person of no fixed abode”, or simply – homeless,” said his campaign headquarters.

However, supporters of the ex-candidate for presidency have declared their desire to change into the civil initiative “Independent Monitoring of Yury Shulhan.”

“We will closely monitor the progress of the upcoming election campaign, the behavior of other candidates, reveal flagrant violations of the electoral law and communicate all the facts to the public.”

Despite the loss of Mr Shulhan, there is still a number of people willing to compete with the “father” for presidency.

On the penultimate day of registration of nominating groups, three new names were added to the list of potential candidates.

The desire to participate in the elections was announced by advertisement specialist Iryna Pershyna, teacher Zhanna Ramanouskaya and some Syarhei Zabalotski.

Together with Mr Zabalotski, who likely will not be registered, there are now as many as 10 potential candidates – Syarhei Haydukevich, Andrei Kanavets, Tatstsiana Karatkevich, Anatol Lyabedzka, Alyaksandr Lukashenka, Syarhei Kalyakin, Iryna Pershyna, Zhanna Ramanouskaya and Mikalai Statkevich. In addition to the mentioned applicants, Viktar Tsyareshchanka, Yury Radzkou and Uladzislau Tsitovich also expressed their desire to run.

Elections will be held October 11.