Elections in Belarus 2015

Only 0.5% of opposition in local election commissions


Law says every adult citizen can monitor the elections. But can they? Will the authorities allow independent observers to monitor the electoral process? From the very beginning of the election campaign, part of the democratic forces has claimed the elections have been rigged.

Campaign “Right to Choose 2015”, which included eight opposition groups, announced the results of the third stage of independent observation. And they are vague. Belarus has formed 6 thousand local election commissions. They include more than 60 thousand people. But only 6 people from “Right to Choose” have been allowed to observe the polls.

“It is a flagrant violation and a reduction of the opposition quota, and the opposition is now represented in 0.5% of the local election commissions of all members of the electoral commission. It can be said that there is no opposition in election commissions and falsification of the elections is being prepared.”

Among them have already been discovered the falsification of signatures in the electoral commissions, the use by pro-government candidates of administrative resources for their collection, the attack on the electoral opposition pickets, non-admission of the democratic society in the district and territorial commissions. All this is the result of a major, global problem.

“The most important violation currently disregarded by even the international community, is that Alyaksandr Lukashenka is running for an infinite number of terms. His presence on the list, his registration – this is the most important violation.”

Together with the head of state, the CEC received 100 thousand signatures from Syarhei Haydukevich, Tatsiana Karatkevich, Mikalai Ulakhovich and Viktar Tsyareshchanka. Their election race has not started yet, but violations are already clear.

So is there a sense for independent observers to monitor the elections? Moreover, Belarus today has no structure to redress violations.


“Complaining to the CEC about the violations of legislation is useless. We know who Lidziya Yarmoshyna is and her conclusions. Complains of the CEC in court? We know that in Belarus there are no independent courts. We will write complaints, but also show that neither the CEC nor the courts are independent.”

But the international community is losing interest in the Belarusian elections. Obbserving them will be about 800 people from the OSCE and the CIS, and it is twice as little as in the previous elections. The CEC attribute it to the fact that in parallel with the elections in Belarus there will be held parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan.

Which we learn who of the candidates will be registered in mid-September. Campaigning for the candidates, according to the CEC, will start on September 17.

Tatsyana Ulasenka, belsat.eu/en/