Elections in Belarus 2015

Lidziya Yarmoshyna: Elections just like life, we know how it ends

Chair of the Central Election Commission explains why it is necessary to hold an election, even though results are really predictable and assesses the chances of female candidates in the presidential race.

“You know, I actually cannot think of elections being canceled. I am a lawyer, I know that the law must be executed… However predictable our life may be (and we all know how it ends), we are still living. Same is true about the elections,” said Lidziya Yarmoshyna on May 14 at a meeting of the CEC.

Lidziya Yarmoshyna does not exclude the possibility that the next president could be a woman.

Reporters asked her how this is possible recalling Yarmoshyna saying that women should not participate in the political process, but cook borshch. To this the Chair of the Central Election Commission said:

“Well, the borshch can be cooked in the evening. Just like I do it.”

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