Elections in Belarus 2015

Kremlin mouthpiece: Russophobia in full swing in Belarus, Maidan possible

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A ‘rising tide of Russophobia in Belarus’ is a new boogieman for Russians. The allegation has powerful influence on public opinion and is skillfully fuelled by a number of news media.

“Youth radical groups – nationalists and football ‘ultras’ may call up no less that 15 hundreds for a maidan that is possible in Belarus. Of course, it is unlikely to happen under Lukashenka’s rule, but they are carefully preparing now. It is obvious that the authorities are having difficulty holding them back,” Andrey Herashchanka, Chairman of Vitsebsk-based public association ‘Russian House’ told news agency Regnum.

He recalled the recent qualifying match Belarus-Ukraine in Lviv: “They [fans] were shouting insults at the President of Russia, they demonstratively donated their blood to help fighters of the ATO. It was an orgy of nationalism.”

According to Нerashchanka, Belarusian volunteer fighter Ales Charkashyn’s funeral in Brest was a ‘similar action’.

Andrey Нerashchanka is a former Belarusian official, who was fired for denying the Belarusian nation.