Elections in Belarus 2015

‘Who will do it but us?’: Belarusian Internet users making own election programme

'Who will do it but us?': Belarusian Internet users making own election programme

Abolition of customs duties on imported cars, privatization and even legalizing marijuana: a new initiative to create an election programme by the Internet users has turned into a real brainstorm.

Any Internet user having a Google account can comment on the document “The program of a presidential candidate of Belarus” and make supplements to it.

At the time of publishing the article, the programme consisted of 14 pages which describe necessary reforms – reforming the country’s economy, judicial system, construction, army and and the state security system.

In general, the programme is liberal. Internet users offer to conduct the total privatization of public enterprises, lift visas for EU citizens, switch the army to a contract basis, legalize private schools and do away with the compulsory job placement of graduates.

The author of the initiative, photographer Anton Matolka told “Belsat that the interim results would be published soon.