Elections in Belarus 2015

‘We distance ourselves from opposition’s unpopular ideas’ – Karatkevich’s campaign chief



Presidential candidate Tatsiana Karatkevich refused to participate in Belsat TV programme “Kalinkina’s Talk”. The woman does not seem to have enough courage to answer the hostess’ pointed questions about the forthcoming election and her role in it.

Instead, Andrey Dzmitryeu, the head of Karatkevich’s campaign headquarters, appeared.

What does he feel when he is called a master of puppets? Will Karatkevich’s team urge voters to take part in protests and why does it oppose boycotting the election? What result do they count on? What are grounds for Dmitryeu’s hope that the Belarusians will be giving votes thumbing their noses behind Lukashenka’s back?

“Speaking about protests, I do not have any unambiguous answer. We will be assessing the situation, because first of all, the situation in the country has changed. Now we have a mad neighbour, and we cannot say whether this neighbour will take advantage of the fact that people will start to protest, or will not. At the same time, as a Democrat, I believe that people have the right to peaceful protests. But how will one find a balance between the threat to people and the country, and the fact that people have a right to peaceful protests, we do not know.”