Elections in Belarus 2015

Welcome to our election webpage! Belsat.eu temporarily down



Our webpage belsat.eu seems to be experiencing temporary technical difficulties. While we are working on the solution, read all news of the day on the page vybary.belsat.eu.

To watch Belsat TV programs, visit our Youtube channel. There is also a special playlist of our main information programme “In Focus”.

Vybary.belsat.eu is a special project that has been created to cover the election campaign-2015. Here you will find not only the latest news but also information on all Belarusian presidential campaigns of the past, on what former presidential candidates are doing now, and gain insight into the political system of the country with the help of our political pictures. On the page you can cast your vote for any of the current candidates and watch videos about the elections.

We will be posting all the news of the day, even those not related to the election issue on vybary.belsat.eu as long as our main web page is under construction.