Elections in Belarus 2015

‘They ordered us to bring your passport to sign for Lukashenka. Those who do not sign – will be dismissed ‘

Belsat.eu readers tell us in their letters about the collection of signatures for Alyaksandr Lukashenka. We offer you three letters from our readers, who complain of the authoritarian methods of collecting signatures for Lukashenka. Text messages are present in the original.


“In the Hrodna region rural teachers were obliged to go to people’s homes and collect signatures for nomination of Alyaksandr Lukashenka a candidate. Teachers come into the house, ask for passport, and even do not specifically say what they are collecting signatures for. As a rule, people who do not even support the actions of the head of Belarus, do sign, as the teacher in the village is an authority, often a neighbor or close friend, whom people would not want to offend.”


“Yesterday, at the territory of the Babruisk THP 2 there was launched a nominating group collecting signatures for President Lukashenka. Heads of departments were told to get people to that picket. There were no others there.”


Hello! I do not know whom to write … but it should not be like this! There will be signature colecting in favor of Lukashenka at the Baranavichy dairy plant . They ordered everyone to bring a passport… those who do not sign will be dismissed.”

This year, the belsat.eu correspondent witnessed the first Hrodna polyclinic collecting signatures for nomination of the current leader of Belarus as a candidate for the post of president. It is done right at the GP’s office, despite the fact that Alyaksandr Lukashenka supposedly already has the necessary number of signatures.