Elections in Belarus 2015

Prilepin: Belarusians fighting for Ukrainians will go against Lukashenka


The scandalous supporter of the “Russian world” Zakhar Prilepin wonders why Lukashenka promised to deal even with the volunteers who are fighting on the side of the pro-Russian militants.

“I already wrote that once, when Lukashenka suddenly finds himself in a situation of Yanukovich (and there is big chance for that), he will forget about his statements, pick up the red phone, dial the important number and say:

– Volodya … They are…making a full-blown Maidan here… It is necessary to somehow…

Here is an important thing.

Those who are now among the Belarusians fighting on the side of the military forces of Ukraine, will come to topple Father Lukashenka.

And those who are fighting on the side of militias – will take a breath and go save him,” wrote on Facebook scandalous writer Zakhar Prilepin.