Elections in Belarus 2015

Lukashenka accuses ‘Western teachers’ of all manner of offenses: Belarus is real democracy



At the plenary meeting of the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Summit president Alyaksandr Lukashenka has stated that Belarus is a real democracy.

“Losing one third of its population in the war against the Nazis, Belarus rose from the ashes to cherish peace and concord in the society, secure well-being of its people and sustainable development of its state,” state-run news agency BelTA quoted Lukashenka as saying.

According to him, Belarus can be proud of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, achieving 100% adult literacy, promoting gender equality, social-political stability, and preventing ethnic and religious discrimination.

“We have no maternal mortality. We have the lowest child mortality in the world. This means democracy, not the ideas our western teachers have been trying to plant among us,” Lukashenka stressed.

He also urged the world leaders to resolve the Ukrainian crisis.

“If we do not stop the bloodshed in Europe, this fratricidal slaughter, allow the escalation of this conflict, the entire civilized world will be in tension. We will make another step toward global conflict, and perhaps toward another world war, and this time it will be in the center of the civilized and advanced world,” he said referring to the Ukrainian crisis.

The Belarusian leader could not help blaming ‘western teachers’ for exacerbation of hotbeds of tension in the Middle East. He said that ‘the known states’ decided to ‘democratize’ Iraq under the pretext of its having chemical weapons and accused them of killing Saddam Hussein.

Lukashenka stressed that the West moved further.

“You started with Tunisia and ended in Libya. The scenario is the same. You crucified President Gaddafi and destroyed the country. Is Libya better off now? No. Is Libya a cohesive state today? Did you, gentlemen, say it was time to stop? No, you are on Syria now. Why? Why are you killing people? Why are you throwing a president out of office? How does this concern you? Moreover, by destroying Syria you have been destroying the first traces of our civilization.”

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