Elections in Belarus 2015

Lukashenka allocates $2 million for movie with Depardieu – Russian media


The famous French actor may play the role of a mechanic in the film “Normandy-Neman”.

This was announced by the director of Russian Gosfilmofond Nikolai Bordachev in his commentary to the newspaper Izvestia. According to him, Alyaksandr Lukashenka has allocated $2 million for the production of the film.

“Immediately after the visit of Gerard Depardieu to Belarus, he summoned the Minister of Finance and requested to allocate money. Currently, work is underway, the producer of Gerard Depardieu is taking care of the organizational issues,” said Bordachev.

Normandy-Neman is a famous Aviation Regiment, which fought against the Nazis on the Eastern Front. It was composed of French volunteers.

Last week Minsk hosted the premiere of the blockbuster We Are Brothers made on the state order. In a conversation with Belsat, film director Andrey Kureichyk noted that many of those present at the premiere in the Moskva cinema could not help laughing.

“Of course, this film was planned for the presidential election, the main characters are the officers of the president’s security service. They are there all the time, they call the president, and the president gives orders, tells them what to do with the protesters, the Centrifuge plan, the Shield plan, and so on. But it looked so comical and operetta, that it gave the impression that it is simply a sabotage of the Belarusian secret services and the Belarusian authorities. It was impossible to take seriously what was going on the screen. The people in the Moskva cinema burst of laughter. Although it was supposed to be a serious movie,” said Andrey Kureichyk.

The budget of the film We Are Brothers was about $2 million.