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Photo of the day: Belarusian pilots honing skills of landing at roads


Belarussian Sukhoi Su-25 military jet flies over the M1/E30 road during military exercises near the village of Krysovo, southwest of Minsk

A Sukhoi Su-25 warplane is flying over the airfield stretch of road near the village of Krysovo in the south-west of Minsk.

On September 22-24, the Belarusian Defense Ministry is holding tactical flight exercise involving the 61st Air Force fighter base and Air Defenae troops. The exercise is aimed at training of the usage segments of roads as alternate aerodromes. In addition, Belarusian pilots should rehearse destroying air targets, dropping bombs and patrolling the border.

On September 23, pilots of MiG-29, AN-26 and Su-25 were practicing in landing at the roads. It was a difficult task, because unlike airports, roads do not have any navigation system.

“For pilots it is the most important factor in improving their skills skill, as well as developing psychological readiness to perform a combat task during aviation degrouping,” the Ministry said.