Elections in Belarus 2015

Election in Belarus is fraud – presidential wannabe

Zrzut ekranu 2015-09-9 o 20.58.05

Viktar Tsyareshchanka, regarded as Lukashenka’s ‘sparring partner’ in presidential elections-2010, has become more critical about the government during the current presidential campaign.

The politician said he did not intend to continue to participate in this ‘circus’.

In an interview with Radio Liberty, Tsyareshchanka could not help using firm rhetoric, saying that the dictatorial regime would collapse soon, and the best time for a truly strong and fragrant Belarus would definitely come.

“The executive branch, which is actually feudal in Belarus, wants me to act at their behest. I will never agree to that, I do not want to participate in it. And I call on the colleagues who are likely to be registered candidates not to take part in the elections,” Tsyareshchanka said.

However, the call remained unanswered. The presidential wannabes’ offices are waiting for being registered so that they could launch their campaigns. Now they are very active on social networks. The photo of Tatsiana Karatkevich with a man dressed in a T-shirt with the Russian imperial flag and coat of arms has recently caused an uproar on the Internet. Moreover, the picture appeared on September, 8, on the unofficial Day of Military Glory that is highly respected by Belarusian patriots . The candidate’s team declined to comment the situation to our channel. Previously , a mixed reaction was drawn by Karatkevich’s statements on the preservation of monuments to Lenin – the candidate considers it is necessary to show respect to feelings of the Communists.

“It seems that civil campaign ‘Tell the Truth!’ and [its representative] Tatsiana Karatkevich make no bones about the opinion of the people, especially that of the democratic activists who do care about the independence of our country, for whom imperial or Communist symbols are offensive, ” Pavel Usau, a political scientist, told Belsat TV.

On the other hand, public interest in the elections is low like never before. The apathy of Minsk residents citizens was clearly seen when they were interviewed by Belsat TV journalists:

“I cannot say that presidential wannabes excite my interest. I believe that this year’s election is non-alternative.”

“Unfortunately, the election is meaningless. There is no information about any of the candidates. ”

“In fact, there is no one to choose among the candidates.”

“There will be nothing new.”

Therefore, according to some political analysts, politicians should not only urge each other not to participate in the campaign, but direct the same appeal to the citizens of the country who do not believe that elections will lead to any shift in power.

“There is only one way out – we should ignore the election, not to participate in this farce. Despite the fact that our votes will be stolen, let the power steal them. But we will not cast our votes of our own will.,” Pavel Usau says.

In general, the current election campaign appears to be rather boring and sad. Perhaps, for the first time, there will be no alternative to the incumbent head of state on the ballot.